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0.3.3 2007-03-01

  • A bug in modem volume setting when using callback was fixed
  • Unnamed tabs in Edit Account dialog in qt interface was fixed
  • A bug in handling quotes in modem commands was fixed
  • Minor GUI improvements and bug fixes

0.3.2 2006-02-08

  • Brazilian Portuguese translation was added, thanks to Rogerio Pereira for contribution
  • A bug in connection termination from the command line user interface was fixed
  • Size of Account Window and Import Window in gtk2 interface was fixed
  • Text area scrolling in connecting state in gtk2 interface was fixed
  • Ukrainian translation was updated, thanks to Ignatiy Goloviznin for contribution

0.3.1 2005-10-06

  • A bug in handling --quit and --disconnect commands was fixed

0.3.0 2005-09-11

  • Account attributes use_passwordfd, redial_if and modem has been added
  • Account attribute modem_device was renamed to device
  • Account attribute modem_flow was renamed to flow_control, and now allowed values is: crtscts, cdtrcts, xonxoff, no-change
  • Zero value for redial_attempts attribute means redial forever
  • Value none was added as valid value for use_script attribute (means don't use any chat script)
  • Support for multiple Chestnut Dialer instances has been added
  • Predefined chat script predef-dialin has been added (it can be used to configure dialin server)
  • New icons set named 'net' designed by Donnie
  • Sections Configuring Dialin Server and Null Modem Link has been added to the manual
  • Minor improvements

This release is dedicated to the victims of September 11, 2001 tragedy. We, as the society, must condemn any manifestations of the terrorism.

0.2.2 2005-07-08

  • A lock file removing bug was fixed, thanks to Donnie for complete report
  • Gtk deprecation warnings was removed

0.2.1 2005-05-19

New release numeration scheme. Releases that differs only in minor numbers have same features, but differs in stability. So that releases with minor number > 0 is bug-fix releases. When new features is appears, middle or major number is increased.

  • Fixed bug in Edit Account window that cause invalid state of radio buttons and widget sensitivity when changing IP addresses and DNS servers
  • Removed broken line from po/, that refers to not existing file
  • Fixed Modem Speaker Volume scale in gtk2 interface
  • Fixed bug that cause invalid interpretation of "_" character (in gtk2 interface) and "&" character (in qt interface) in text of account selection buttons
  • Account selection buttons sorted by account name without case sensitivity

0.2.0 2005-05-16

  • Unix man page has been added
  • Account attribute use_script has been added, its used to determine what chat template to use, valid values are: predef-noterm, predef-term, predef-auto, custom. Attribute auth_type now have following valid values: pap/chap, term
  • Improvements in predefined chat scripts
  • Edit Account window now warns users if they forget to specify any phone numbers
  • Diagnostic messages format have been changed
  • Improvements in CLI and GUI localization
  • Now program uses different exit status codes
  • PPP option debug no longer required
  • The --account-name option now selects account that match given name part without case sensitivity
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes

0.1.2 2005-02-14

  • Commands --disconnect and --quit has been added to command line interface, thanks to Andrea Spadaccini for the idea
  • A Italian localization has been added, thanks to Andrea Spadaccini for contribution
  • The main window in gtk2 and qt interfaces will restore its own size that user setup in previous session
  • Fixed widget layout mystics in main window in gtk2 interface
  • Command line option --daemon (to detach from controlling terminal) has been added
  • Minor improvements

0.1.1 2004-10-01

  • A bug in the qt interface (localized strings in window title) has been fixed, thanks to Michael Pigurnow for report
  • Account attribute ppp_options has been added; it allows to pass custom options to pppd daemon
  • You can specify a custom modem device in GUI dialogs
  • You can configure some key bindings in the Options dialog, thanks to Andrey Bogdanovich for the idea
  • collisions and txqueuelen connection parameters have been removed as they are not important for point-to-point connections
  • The button to view connecting.log has been added, you can specify a plain text viewer in the Options dialog
  • Support for consolehelper has been added (--with-consolehelper configuration option), thanks to Gr!SHk@ for the idea and some code
  • Authentication type pap/chap has been added
  • The manual has been updated
  • Minor improvements

0.1.0 2004-07-27

  • The program name spelling has been changed to Chestnut Dialer
  • The manual has been updated
  • The command line interface has been rewritten, account manipulation functionality has been added to the command line interface
  • pygtk 2.0.X compatibility
  • A bug in the qt interface (switching modes in the main window) has been fixed
  • FAQ has been added
  • A bug in looking for the localization file has been fixed
  • Minor improvements

This release is dedicated to memory of my cousin Andrey.

0.0.7 2004-05-03

  • You can specify pppd call-back behaviour in the Options dialog
  • You can select option "Write DNS servers to resolv.conf" in the Options dialog
  • An interlock which prevents running multiple instances has been added
  • Custom window title options have been added to the Options dialog
  • Second modem init string is added
  • The installation procedure has been changed, now autoconf and automake are used
  • ChangeLog file format has been changed and NEWS file has been added
  • Help buttons have been added in dialogs
  • The Browser option has been added to the Options dialog

0.0.6 2003-10-24

  • Authentication types PAP and Standard Script have been merged into the PAP/CHAP/Standard Script
  • Account attributes have been added: prefix, modem timeout, PPP timeout, prompt timeout, and some modem commands
  • You can specify pppd call-back behavior (pppd answers or pppd terminates) in the makefile
  • User interface improvements
  • Minor bug-fixes

0.0.5 2003-10-12

  • A bug in qt default style selection has been fixed
  • A bug in disconnection (X crashes) has been fixed
  • Use of passwordfd plugin, in order to avoid editing of pap-secrets, has been added
  • A bug in –list-accounts option (printing the account list when using command line interface) has been fixed
  • A feature that prompts the user for password prior to connecting has been added
  • A Ukrainian localization has been added

0.0.4 2003-10-04

  • A button that shows the password in the account dialog has been added
  • Interfaces can receive parameters from the command line
  • Interface 'none' can display the connecting process
  • Confirmation configuration
  • An importer for wvdial has been added
  • Russian localization for the qt interface

0.0.3 2003-09-26

  • The gtk and gnome-applet interfaces have been removed
  • gtk2 and qt interfaces have been added
  • Window icons will set up
  • You can choose an icon in the options
  • An option for minimizing the window after connecting has been added
  • Minor bug-fixes
  • The setup procedure has been changed (now make utility is used)

0.0.2 2003-07-22

  • The bug that resulted in an exception if there was no write access to resolv.conf has been fixed
  • Now accounts can include comments
  • A command line interface has been added
  • A feature for setting of the minimum connection speed has been added
  • The 'auto redial after disconnect' option has been added
  • The possibility to run an external program for writing the password has been removed LogoWMLgimpVIMValid HTML 4.01 TransitionalValid CSS!
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